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Blank Employee Timesheet Examples For Your Inspirations

A timesheet is a document designed to record the amount of time an employee has spent at a particular job or project. This document comes in a form of a data table used by the employer or company to calculate employee's payroll and create a billing for client. During the read more...
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How To Create A Wedding Guest List In Microsoft Word Or Excel

If you are planning to have an event like a wedding, anniversary or any other important events, you probably need a guest list. A guest list can be useful to manage information about the guests for the upcoming event, it's useful to identify who have confirmed arriving, who has RVSP, read more...
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How To Create A Simple Inventory Management System In Excel

Inventory management system can be a great solution to keep track of inventory or items in business. It helps us to identify the entire lifecycle of our stock, identify when it’s time to restock or when it’s time to reduce inventory which eventually help optimising business sales and productivity. Traditionally, read more...
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Purchase Order Slip Examples For Your Business

A purchase order or also known as PO is a commercial document or form used to submit the request of products or services a buyer will be buying from the seller or a vendor. It can be described as an offer on a paper to buy products or services. Once read more...
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