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Blank Employee Timesheet Examples For Your Inspirations

A timesheet is a document designed to record the amount of time an employee has spent at a particular job or project. This document comes in a form of a data table used by the employer or company to calculate employee’s payroll and create a billing for client.

During the project, a timesheet will record the time an employee start and finish along with any breaks. And those information will be determining the total money employee will receive.

Timesheet is not only used to calculate the pay, Businesses use this to analyze the activities being carried out and the amount of time required which could be used as a reference for the upcoming projects.

We can record timesheets on a paper or digitally using Spreadsheet or time-tracking software. The easiest way will be paper-based timesheet as we only need to print out a blank data table and record the time manually using pen.

Here are some of the best timesheet templates to help you calculate employee’s payroll. Be sure to check them out!