How to

Create A Travel Itinerary Using Ms Word

Travel itinerary is a document used to jot down important information about the entire travel including the arrival, the departure time, accommodation, activities, places or destinations to visit and other related information. People use travel itinerary to get all of those information organized and to get complete picture of the upcoming trip, having everything in an organized way has a lot of perks.

One of the most popular way to stay organized while traveling is by having an itinerary that itemizes all your activities. An itinerary can be written down on a paper, or we can create an itinerary using word processing software like Microsoft Word, PDF or Microsoft Excel.

Here, we want to share with you how to create a simple itinerary using Microsoft Word.

Prepare A draft

Create a draft on papers and then jot down all type of activities you are going to do during the trip. Research the destinations and other attractions you’re traveling to.

To make the itinerary work well, we can also collect details specific to your trip to stay organized for safe travel. Information like Flight numbers, hotels, transportation, important phone numbers and other reservations are important and need to be included in the itinerary.

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