How to

Create Your Daily To-do List Template In Microsoft Word

Task list can be helpful for us to stay organized, it gives us a clear picture of what needs to be done that day or that week. It reminds us tasks planned which are still not completed, we can immediately work on it or reschedule it for another day. There will be less distractions and more productive.

Task list or to-do list is a basically very simple list used to show us the tasks that you need to do. There can be checkbox next to the list to give check off when you have finished doing it. Task list can be planned day by day or an entire week ahead of time.

This task list can be created using word processing Software like Microsoft Word or Excel, in fact we can plan our daily task from our phone using Apps. Some people use mobile apps and other people like to make and maintain a printout of task list and then work on the items on the list.

If you want to create your own task list and print it out and stick it right in desk, then you can see the following tutorial. Here is simple steps to create a task list using Software like Microsoft Word.

Launch Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word and create a new document or you can use shortcut ctrl + N / Cmd + N.