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Easy To Use Rent Receipt And Invoice Samples

Today we want to share with you steps on how to create rent receipt template. A rent receipt or rental invoice is designed to document and confirm rent payment for property, apartment or vehicle rentals. Having the rent payment and transaction records formalized in writing can help us in sorting out issues in the event of a dispute.

A landlord is responsible for issuing that rent receipt to his/her tenant. In many states, it’s a mandatory for a landlord to provide a receipt when a tenant makes a rental payment. Rent receipt can also serve as handy financial records for both the tenants and landlords, who might be tracking various rent payments.

We can purchase a rent receipt book and fill it out by hand, or we can create our own rent receipt in Desktop. Creating a rent receipt from a scratch can be done using program like Microsoft Word, or you can also use OpenOffice or Google Docs.