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Effective Time Sheet Templates And Samples For Your Inspirations

A timesheet is a document used to track the time a worker spends on a project or a job. Traditionally, a time sheet is written on a piece of paper but now business are using digital formats.

Employers use a timesheet to track employee’s hours spent along with leave time, accruals and these information will be used in the calculation when processing payroll or creating a billing for the client. A timesheet is used to ensure the employee get paid accurately.

Not only helping for tracking employee’s working hours, a timesheet is also providing reporting information to employers or supervisors which can be used to arrange more effective schedule, assign tasks and many more.

Timesheets are available in several forms include:

• Weekly
• Bi-weekly
• Monthly
• Bi-monthly

Having a timesheet template will make it easier to record our working hour. Timesheet template will help bring consistency to the way our working hours are being recorded, which also makes it easier for the users to use it over and over again.

Below are a list of timesheet examples and templates you can view. Without further ado, let’s browse time sheet examples showcased below and get inspirations to create your own timesheet for your needs.