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How To Create A Professional Balance Sheet In Excel

A balance Sheet is an important document that every business must have. A balance sheet is a document used to list all of assets, liabilities and information about the total value of the shareholders’ equity.

The goal of balance sheet is to give stakeholders insight about the real condition of the company or how well a business progress is going. This is also useful to decide the value of that company for the public.

Businesses usually prepare a balance sheet report at the end of accounting period, the goal is to give an accurate data of the financial strength of the business entity or company for evaluation.

If you are in charge to create a balance sheet, you may look at the following simple tips about creating a balance sheet in Excel.

Creating Balance Sheet Using Microsoft Excel Templates

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have the balance sheet template. Microsoft Excel has functions that we need to create a detailed and easy to use balance sheet.

Interestingly, Microsoft Excel is also providing pre-formatted templates to help us easily create balance sheet.