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How To Create A Simple Bill Organizer Spreadsheet

Losing track of bills can be costly for us, we will end up paying penalty or late fees, ans also run the risk of damaging credit score. To avoid such thing happen, we can make use of bill organizer. It will be reminder for us to pay bills in time and keep track of loan or payments.

Bill Organizer can be great solution to organize bills on a monthly basis, this can be helpful for individuals or financial institutions to keep track of the bills or installments to be paid, the payment due date along with the due amount.

Bill-paying organizer will keep all bills and payment records in a single document, this way we can easily organize and determine what bills you need to pay first and which bills are due.

Organizing bills can be done using Software like Microsoft Excel and we can deploy one worksheet to organize various bills. Here’s the tutorial :

Gather Documents

We need to gather documents like statements, receipt and other monthly bills. We will use this information to create our monthly bill organizer in Excel.