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How To Create A Simple Mileage Log Sheet In Excel

Mileage log is a document designed to trace how many miles a vehicle has traveled in a specific period of time. The document contains of a brief summary about traveling of a vehicle like consumption of fuel, difference in odometer and the description about purpose of traveling. Assigned period for tracing mileage can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual.

A mileage log used by employees for preparing a report for the purpose of reimbursement from organization or company. Businesses or organizations usually allow their employees to cover expenses during a business travel with their own money first and get reimbursed for those expenses later.

In order to get accurate measurement of the mileage, we can use mileage log template or mileage tracker form. This form will record the mileage from one time to another, it contains basic information like organization name or logo, date, employee name and rate per mile of travel consumed on the behalf of their organization.

Software like Microsoft Excel, Google Docs or OpenOffice are great to design a mileage log table yourself. In fact Excel has pre-formatted mileage and expense report template which we can utilize this convenience to record our mileage log.

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