How to

How To Create A Simple Mileage Log Sheet In Excel

Launch Excel

Start Excel and create new Workbook. Go to File tab and select New. This will show you a series of options like blank workbook with another options and search box.

We can use search box to search keyword like “mileage” and press “Enter. Excel will show us available templates to preview and if you get one you liked you can click download to open a new workbook with the template you like.

Customize The Template

Before begin adding the records we can make adjustment to the table to fit our requirements. If needed, we can add new columns to provide additional information such as other travel costs.

We can adjust the appearance of this log if you want. Go to Page Layout tab and choose theme you like to use.

Enter Mileage Details

After the table is ready, we can begin adding travel details to the provided table like the date expense has been spent, purpose of trip and many more. We can list those mileage expense in chronological order to make it ease to trace.

Don’t forget to state odometer readings in each record to keep an accurate calculation.

Save The Log

You can save the final log to your local computer and print one out to complete your reimbursement.

Below are some brilliant examples to help you crate an effective vehicle mileage log. Enjoy and be inspired!

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