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How To Create A Wedding Guest List In Microsoft Word Or Excel

If you are planning to have an event like a wedding, anniversary or any other important events, you probably need a guest list. A guest list can be useful to manage information about the guests for the upcoming event, it’s useful to identify who have confirmed arriving, who has RVSP, who are remaining to be called and so on.

A guest list should give us a clear picture of the number of guests who are going to attend the event along with their families or their plus ones. People use a guest list to make sure nobody left missed out.

Manage those guest list can be tedious and we can prepare it using tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. In this post, we want to share with you how to create a simple wedding guest list template in Excel.

Open Excel

The very first step is to open Excel and create a new workbook. But we are not going to use a blank workbook, we are going to use pre-formatted template provided by Excel.

Go to File Menu > go to New > use search box and type “guest list” as keyword and press enter. Excel will show us a list of available templates, you can highlight the template to preview it and click download to use one you like.