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How To Create Quarterly Income Statement Using Microsoft Excel

Quarterly income statement is a document that report a company financial performance over a quarter period, it shows company net income or net loss. Quarterly income statement is used to show both external and internal stakeholders where is the company current position, whether it is made or lost money during that period.

Creating a quarterly income statement can be tricky but with Microsoft Excel, we can create it with no hassle. Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet software, and it has a number of uses in the business world like creating income statement, calculation business cost and many more.

Prepare The Data

An quarterly income statement requires cash flow information within a quarter period. We need to prepare the data about business revenue and expense during that period of time.

Open Excel

Microsoft Excel has pre-formatted template to help us create an income statement. We need to go to File menu -> New, in the New panel we can use search box to find income statement template using keyword like “income statement”.

Choose Template

There will not be much options when it comes to income statement, you can choose one of choices provided by the search result. Highlight the template to preview and click on the download button to use it.

Edit the Header 

The purpose of the header is to tell what the document is about and we need to add clear title like Quarterly Income statement, edit the company’s name and time period. 

Create the Statement’s Body 

We can begin add the revenue and expense data to the income statement’s body. An income statement is usually divided into 4 sections; including revenue, operating expenses, other income, and cost of goods.

We can write down the revenue and expenses according to the section. You can add extra rows to data which is not currently provided by the template.

Don’t worry about the calculation, the template comes with calculation functions to calculate total expenses and net incomes. You can add your own Excel functions if necessary.


Don’t forget to review the information entered in the income statement template, cross-check for errors and misspelling. If it’s done, we can save it to our local drive. We can use that spreadsheet as reference to create future income statements as needed.

That’s all.