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Maintenance Log Templates And Examples To Inspire You

Maintenance log is document used to monitor the maintenance or tasks have done, to keep track of who did it and when it was done. A maintenance log will be filled by the user and contains data table or sheet to record information related to the maintenance. The table may has several columns to write down type of maintenance/task, person in charge and the date it was done.

Maintenance can be crucial, especially for industrial equipment and machineries to prolong its life. And by keeping records of maintenance log we can know what is going on them and do the right thing to maintain their lifespans. This document can be useful for companies to keep tab on employees and their tasks that have been assigned to them.

Maintenance log can be used for a different situations and functions, including car maintenance, building maintenance, equipment maintenance and many more. The maintenance itself can be performed regularly depends on the requirements, it can be monthly, annual checks or weekly.

There are a series of maintenance log examples available to give you inspirations and ideas to create a good maintenance log. Be sure to check them out!