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Short Term Rental Agreement Samples To Inspire You

Short Term Lease agreement is a lease agreement or contract made between the landlord and the tenant for short term rental, usually between 1 to 30 days of duration. It’s basically similar to the usual lease agreement with only shorter period of time the tenant are renting your property.

The document will list all of responsibilities of both parties; the owner and those of the tenants. It will also list the penalties for not following the agreement, those can be cancellation, extra fees for the damages and so on.

Before making any rental agreement for leasing your property, we need to make sure the laws for allowing private residences being rented in your area. The laws and the regulations may vary widely from one state to another and it will be best to check with the local attorney before renting your property.

A standard short term rental agreement will has the following information at a minimum :

  • Period (Start and End Dates of the Rental)
  • Rent Cost and Payment Details
  • Property Address Information
  • Amenities Included to the Property
  • Maximum Number of Guests
  • House Rules, Cancellation Terms and Extra Clauses
  • Space for Signatures

Template can be helpful to help you preparing short rental agreement, this will save time and ensure the terms are listed in the agreement. If you are looking for ideas to create Short Term Rental Agreement, then we can invite you to browse the following images gallery.

Without further ado, let’s browse these inspiring examples and we hope you are inspired!