How to

Wedding Budget Planner And Calculator Templates

Make An Expense Note

Create an expense note consists of 3 columns: estimation, offering, and fixed price. The estimation column is the price you research, the offering column is the detailed price offered by wedding vendors, and the fixed price is the real price after getting special offers or discounts from wedding vendors. Start with something that requires the biggest cost. It can be the wedding venue, make-up, catering, or others. When a wedding vendor gives you an estimated price, insert the tax that will be charged.

Be Ready for Surprising Costs

Before you decide to choose and hire a wedding vendor, carefully read the contract first. Because even a small expense can influence your wedding budget. For example, some wedding photographers charge you an additional cost if you require a quick editing result or print your wedding photo in a big size. Or, if you hire a wedding vendor from outside the city, there will be probably an additional cost for transportation.

Make sure you do surveys before you create a wedding budget planner. By doing a survey, you will be able to find the best wedding vendor and the best price according to your financial condition. If you find it difficult to create a wedding budget planner by yourself, you can hire a budget planner to help you. So, are you ready to prepare your dream wedding?

In the following gallery, there are a list of wedding budget planner and estimator to help you arrange your own wedding budget list. Without further ado, let’s jump to the following gallery for ideas!