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Well Designed Payslip Or Salary Slip Templates For Your Inspirations

Payslip is document used to record salary with a detailed information of salary components, allowances, taxes, and any deductions. Payslip can be used for various purposes but mainly used for salary payments.

Payslips are issued every month and used as a proof of payment made by organizations or business to its employees. As a proof of payment, payslip can be eliminating any misunderstandings between an employer and employees regarding the payment.

Payslips are usually printed on a paper and the record will be given to employees in the end of month. Many organizations and companies are switching to digital version by sending it through employee’s email.

Payslip can be created using template and if you want to create your own payslip, you can use word processing program like Microsoft Word or Excel

Payslip usually has the following components :

  • Title or Company Logo
  • Company Address
  • Employee name or ID
  • Department
  • Pay period
  • Pay Date
  • Gross salary for the month
  • Salary Component breakdown
  • Taxes and deductions
  • Calculation for Net salary

In the following gallery, we have prepared a series of salary slip examples to help you create a salary slip for your business or company. Hopefully, these will be just right to ease your work, good luck!