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Well Designed Salary History Templates

Salary history is a document used to show a detailed salary history from the previous employment for our prospective employers. The document will show the earning from the year we worked on the company until the last salary which we have received from our employer.

The main purpose of salary history is to give our prospective employer quick and easy access to our previous earnings which can later be used for reference for the salary.

Some job opportunities may ask you to include your salary history as one of requirements when you are applying for the position. When the application doesn’t mention it, we don’t need to include any salary information.

There are several things need to be included on the salary history, they are list of job title, company and also salary for each positions. Salary history includes the name of companies you have worked for.

If you are looking for ideas to create a salary history for your job application, we can suggest you to browse the following images where you’ll find a series of salary history templates and examples.

We can use a salary history template to show detailed information about the salary completed with information of previous offices & designation. Without further ado, let’s get started!